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Database Management

Database Management

Data management is the cornerstone of effective direct marketing. Without it, you really can’t communicate one-on-one with your customers and prospects.
As an integral part of our broader services, we provide our clients with complete data management solutions including:

• Data entry
• Form processing
• File conversion
• Data conversion
• Merge files and Realign
data fields
• Change/Standardize
data structure
• Data cleaning
• Address Correction
• Data Append • Websearch
• Data Supression
• National Do Not Call
(NDNC) Scrubbing
• De-duplication/Merge-purge
• Database maintenance and support
• Mail merge
• Mailing campaign management
• In-House Database Management

Telubox Technolgies Sevices answers your data entry and data capture needs using the latest technology available. We offer efficiency, accuracy and turnaround time.
Data entry may be arranged for form processing, questionnaires, directories, handwritten/printed material, image data entry, from hard copy to soft copy, amongst others sources. Online data entry is also offered wherein we provide data capture service to search online public and paid resources, retrieve data and enter relevant data into a database, amongst other avenues. If required data may be double entered + compared + audited, thus giving clients a high level of accuracy.
[Overseas clients] – You can save 40%-50% of the total cost on projects handled by us. At Telubox Technolgies Sevices we take on projects and act on client’s data entry outsourcing requirements by handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.
Forms processing

Telubox Technolgies Sevices processes forms across industries right from healthcare, banking, market research, insurance, finance, legal, online etc. We can assist companies to create databases and digitize large volumes of physical and image-based forms.
Any physical documents which are either hand written or pre-printed can be transformed into computer generated format. Storage of data becomes easy and most importantly the data can be capitalized by the company for its in-house data analysis. Retrieval of data is immediate. Forms may be used for loans, education, enrollment, insurance, automobile industry, credit card application, subscription, market research amongst others.

Overseas clients
At Telubox Technolgies Sevices we take on projects and act on the client’s outsourcing requirements by handling jobs in a professional manner at affordable rates.
Telubox Technolgies Sevices helps companies to uncover patterns hidden in their database allowing for revenue optimization. Files across different formats are merged together in one common format and fields realigned. This helps not only in identifying the double entries made but also makes it possible for the client to learn the unique count vis-à-vis how many multiple counts per company are available. In case of residence address once the data is realigned the client can also learn about the city count available. In the event the need arises to acquire third party data and merge or compare with the in-house file for profiling and data enhancement purposes, this is only possible once the fields are realigned and matched. Consistency needs to be maintained for ongoing work to be carried out.